50 Business Ideas to Start from Home with little or no Money

Starting a viable business is hard, but it is actually harder sustaining a business as time is dynamic and every has it’s own challenges. Where a lot of people have tried a business idea or more with no success recorded, there are a few people who have actually succeeded and still doing in their business today.
Starting and growing a successful business begins with an idea. It is very important to identify the needs you meet and evaluate its viability before starting a business.
As you think of any business idea to start, please bear in mind that best practices for business-oriented people. Some of the best business practices are:
1. Integrity
2. Discipline
3. Diligence
4. Focus
5. Consistency
6. Determination
7. Positive attitude
8. Good knowledge
9. Good customer service
10. Excellent product or service
Listed below are 50 business ideas that you can start now easily with little or no capital. Any of these business ideas can make you very rich and fulfilled provided that you practise the business well.
1. Household Supplies
It refers to being a sole agent or representative for a particular product that is in high demand. For example: cooking gas, bread, cement, fuel, rice, etc. You may not have any money to start this type of business. Simply approach the main distributor with your business proposal.
2. Cleaning and Washing
Many workers are busy and the little they have is to rest or have fun. Therefore, they will continue to need assistance regarding washing of cloths, plates, general house cleaning, etc.
3.  Baby Sitting
Many parents are always busy. They usually will not be able to give their kids adequate care and attention. This makes it important for the parents to have a mature babysitter. This service pays well depending on the agreement and parents involved. You can also earn more if you were to add cooking, washing cloths and go for errands.
4.  Social Media Officer
The ICT world has really change a lot of ways we used to communicate. Today, many information and communication channels are done through social media. This makes a lot of people who are busy seek for individuals who can manage their profile or account online. If not all, most top leaders in many fields need the services of social media officers to run their online presence. Therefore, the need for this type of services is on the rise.
5. Production of Essential Products
There are many everyday products required in the home, offices as well as other public places. The main ingredients for the production of these products can be sourced locally. They are also called dailyneed products because they can’t, but be needed by everybody daily. For example, honey making, body creams, soaps, natural oils, etc are businesses you can start easily.
6. Farming
7. Mini Supermarket or Grocery Store:
8. Household Services
This business category is for specialised services as they may have been trained. For example, chefs, painters, gardeners, etc are always in demand everywhere.
9. Phone Sales and Gadgets Accessories:
10. Mobile Money Agency
11. Shoes Making and Repairs
12. Real Estate Agency
13. Makeup Services
14. Disc Jockey Services
15. Music Coach
16. Cars Vendors
17.  Crafting
Beads, sandals, necklaces,
18.  Fashion Designs:
20. Photography
21. Newspapers Vendors:
22. Master of Ceremony Services:
23. Website Design and Development
24.  Teaching and Training
Your knowledge can earn you quick money since there are many other people who need such knowledge. It can be knowledge acquired from training, past experience or by nature.
25.  Video Editing
26. Business Coach
30.  Frozen Foods Sales
32. Fruits Sales and Distribution
34. Waste Collection and Disposal
In a community where there is poor waste system, a wise entrepreneur can harness the opportunity of collecting wastes in the neighborhood for a reasonable fee on regular basis. This will generate substantial revenue weekly since a lot of people will need this service.
35.  Project Management Services
36.  Money Lending
40. Graphic Designs
You can start this business with a smart phone or a small laptop. What is really needed for this business is your skills and creativity. Take your time to listen to your client’s needs well and be quick to meet deadlines. Most of your clients may be residents abroad. You need social media platforms to promote your services.
41. Event Planning and Decoration
There are a lot of events taking place everyday and the organisers will always need the services of an event planner. Event planners are very busy and earn reasonable income because planning an event is not easy as there are many aspects to be considered. A good even planner will never be idle as with loads of referrals from existing clients. Think about it.
42. Gym and Recreational Services
Many investors now make adequate resources available for the set-up and management of gym and other recreational facilities. Doctors have always advised us to stay fit physically if we intend to be healthyand live long. This makes gym and recreational facilities profitable.
43. Rent and Hire Services
There are many useful items many people need occasionally based on time and relevance.  Whenever these items are needed, people look for where to get them to hire or lease for a particular period of time at an agreed price. For example, long ladders, Big Generators, party equipments, vehicles, etc fall under this category.
44. Household Repairs and Services
There is always need to fix or service our house and its environment. For example, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, are under this category.
45. Logistics Services
For those that have a car or bike, this business can be done by helping people deliver an item or piece of equipments from one location to another. It is very easy to start. You just need to spread your services to as many people as you can who are residing in the location chosen for the business.
46. Pet Training
Many people are lovers of a type of animals for various reasons. Animals play many important and different roles in the lives of people as some these purposes are for security, consumption or as playmates. Dogs, Mockeys, Parrots, etc are purchased on a regular basis by animal lovers. It is a profitable business training pers since their buyers find them useful for their various needs.
47. Health and Fitness Coach
Many lovers of good healthcare can provide jobs for themselves by being a health and fitness coach since they have good experience to share and their lifestyle is a good example as well. To attain good health and stay fit, people need proper guidance. This is why the need for a health and fitness coach is very important.
48. Cooked Foods and Drinks Supplies
Cooked foods and drinks sell anywhere and anytime so long there are people in the location since human beings just have to eat. This is why many restaurants, eateries, cafeterias, etc are fast spreading across the cities. This business is so profitable and has huge potential of growth.
49. Animal Breeding
Dogs, pigs, birds, rabbits, etc fall under this category. Breeding animals in this regard is for consumption purpose where it would be practised in large quantities. This type of business is very profitable because a lot of people eat meats of various kinds daily.
50. Security Guards Services
Many investors need people who will look after their investments in one form or the other. It could be a factory business, a building, a vehicle, etc. In many cases, the investors need people as night watchers in order to secure his investments. People like retired security officials can set up a security outfit to cater for these special needs based on his work experience acquired for many years.


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