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Come Saturday, August 14, 2021, the heavyweight boxing championship between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury will hold in Saudi Arabia. The fight is expected to hold outside a stadium in Jeddah, gathered from reliable sources.
Tyson Fury is optimistic that he will win Anthony Joshua within 3 rounds of the historic boxing championship.
Just recently, he told his fans: “Got some massive news for you all.
“I’ve just got off the phone from Prince Khalid of Saudi Arabia, he’s told me this fight is 100 per cent on August 14, in the summertime.
“And I cannot wait, repeat: cannot wait to smash Anthony Joshua on the biggest stage of all time.
“This is going to be the biggest sporting event ever to grace the planet earth. Do not miss it. All eyes on us.
“Peace out, God bless, see you all in Saudi! Yes, get in!”
While the promoter for Anthony Joshua, Eddie Hearn, remarked: “You will get a different AJ in this build-up.
“He’s excited because he’s never really, apart from the Dillian Whyte fight, been in a trash-talk environment. He will enjoy it. AJ has got the bit between his teeth, goading him a bit. I’m sure these two DM each other, goading each other.
“I get DMs from Fury – sometimes pleasant, sometimes unpleasant!”
Before adding: “AJ will go to war with Fury.
“He has plans to absolutely demolish him. That’s what I believe he will do. In the meantime we will go through the build-up, which will be a lot of fun, before the biggest event of 2021.”


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