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By Okoeguale Samson, a Mass Communication Student (LASPOTECH), Lagos, Nigeria.

Seriously, what is the world turning into? Many potential buyers are already anticipating for iPhone 13 which is expected to hit the market by the end of September this year.

We get carried away by every bit of new technology in vogue maybe for my country we’re too excited by distractions, making it look like getting a phone is our biggest problem. If you ask me, our problem is bigger than a phone. Everyday we wake up to see, hear, perceive news that shouldn’t have been called news in the first instance because we’re easily distracted. Well, perhaps it’s because we woke up soundly to see another day for only the living can be distracted in actual fact as we forget that we have many underlying problems to fix.
Now let’s get to if you really need a new phone which is worth more than some persons salary, rent, school fees. For goodness sake, why carry a phone that’s exorbitant and super-expensive? I know it’s your money but have you ever imagined how your life will be if you didn’t have the money to purchase an iPhone 13? Have you thought about people who only have heard about an iPhone but have never used it? For once, I ask to remind you, do you really need to buy IPhone 13? Why not help someone in need, why not be instrumental to someone’s success.
Well, not to spoil the business of the iPhone market users, but the truth is all of us won’t use an iPhone and even if we do many would do the unthinkable just to flow in the trend.
Sometimes, you get to witness someone who struggles to feed his family, someone who after getting an iPhone finds himself in a begging state of which could have been irreversible.
Before you get an iPhone13, think, think before you buy, don’t buy before you start thinking and of course if it is your type of business that demands you purchasing such exotic phone then you’re good to go, nobody will penalise you.
On this note, I draw my strength in telling you to have a perception about the other side of life. I drop my keyboard!
Well, what do you think?



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