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Google AdSense approval is very easy to get fast if you ask me. There are just two (2) very simple steps to take for Google AdSense to approve your application fast. If you have always been denied by Google AdSense and think it is not your fault, you will need this article in order to re-examine your work thoroughly. Google Adsense leads prospective publishers well in order to be activated on Google AdSense platform. This is the view of Network from its real life experience with Google AdSense.
Google AdSense can approve your request within fourteen (14) days provided that you abide by their guidelines. Google AdSense guidelines are very easy to follow and they are sufficient enough in order for their advertisers to maximize the best opportunity from their paid adverts. Network has observed that a lot of people still argue that Google AdSense remains the best platform for monetizing your work online. Google AdSense is very flexible to use, realistic in its guidelines, it can easily identify your shortcomings and provide possible solutions. No wonder the advertisers using Google AdSense keep patronising same since they are getting real value for their money.
The easiest way to get Google AdSense for your work (i.e. blogs, websites, YouTube, etc) in just few days is to follow these two (2) simple steps carefully as written by Network.
1. Be Presentable: Network understands that a lot of people apply for Google AdSense quickly without properly laying out a good structure for their work. For example, a blog owner should ensure that his website is well built with the basic information and functions for good users’ experience.
To guide you well, see you will find easy navigation links or quicklinks for homepage, categories, ‘about us’ page, ‘contact us’ page, etc. All the links on function well and the website has simple and attractive colours, texts, fonts, images, etc. Above all, ensure your work  is active online. That is you have to launch it such that it can be accessed by everybody at any time of the day.
2. Be Original:
Let me begin by suggesting that if you have other people’s works on your platform: websites, blogs, channels, etc, kindly go take them down now. They are actually doing more harm than good for you especially at the initial stage of trying to get approval for Google AdSense. Google AdSense is strictly against taking other people’s works and using them on your websites, blogs, channels, etc.
This is very understandable because most works are copyright-protected. It is inappropriate to use other people’s works without their permission and Google AdSense does not encourage such illicit practices. You will easily get approval for Google Adsense if you publish original contents and be consistent in a very short time. Google AdSense always encourages publishers of original contents.
Once you have done taken these two (2) steps, you may now apply for Google AdSense. Your application for Google AdSense can be approved with as little as 5 original contents on your platform. What is important is that you need to have reasonable amount of original contents so that your website, blog, YouTube channel, etc does not look scanty.
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