How to write an application letter for a job vacancy is a common question a lot of people keep asking. Writing an application letter is very simple and fast. It is a brief information that tells your potential employer that you are the right employee for the vacant job.

A good application letter should make the employer take great interest in your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resùme.

As you begin to write your application letter, imagine that you are standing by the doorpost of your potential employer and you would be given 30 seconds to tell him why he should hire you for the vacant position at the spot. Your potential employer is very busy and trying to catch a flight for a business meeting, but you have been waiting for hours to meet him. He steps out of his office to leave and then you approach him by the door. He politely asked you: “Excuse me please…is there anything I can help you with?”

How would you harness less than 30 seconds to sell yourself? The way you go about it is what an application letter does for you in your absence.

Writing a good application letter should be taken seriously because you have to make your potential employer believe in your abilities and skills even before perusing your CV.

To write a good application letter, kindly follow these steps below and carefully study the application letter format as illustrated to guide you well.

We wish you great success in your next job application and a fulfilling career growth.

1. Start by addressing the job application to the right organisation or office as indicated in the instructions or notes on method of application as posted.

2. Make your greetings very simple and official (e.g. Good day, ma, Greetings, Sir, Your Excellency, ma, etc).

3. The next line on the job application is about the your purpose the application letter. Let your potential employer know that you have read carefully the job details as posted online or offline. This is why basic findings about the organisation is very vital as it gives you an edge over other candidates.

4. Continue with another paragraph that shows you are the best candidate for the vacant job. State your strongest strengths and skills in this paragraph.

5. Conclude the application letter by thanking him/her for taking interest in your application.

6. Add your full name and title if any. It is important to state that the application letter must be brief and should be less than a page please.

Application Letter Format

Dear Recruiter (state the name of the firm or name addressed to),
Good Day!

I hereby apply for this job vacancy (state the job position). Please find attached herein a copy of my updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) and the application form (if required).
I have been residing in Cape Town, South Africa for over 3 years. My vast work experience fits well for this role since I studied accounting in the university, did a diploma in information technology as well as a professional course in Internal audit from Chartered Institute of Accounting.

I have made great progress in my career with notable achievements; and I will be willing to give my best if chosen for this job opportunity.
Thanks for your kind consideration.

Mrs. (Full Your Name)



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