Controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has been very vocal in his unpopular views about the solutions required to ending the spate of worsening Insecurity in Nigeria lately.

Recall that in recent weeks, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has been lending his voice for the panacea to the growing banditry, kidnappings and killings across the country. Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has, on several occasions, advised the government at all levels to negotiate with the unknown gunmen usually called bandits, but the government has insisted that doing so would encourage the nefarious activities of the bandits.

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi lamented recently that: “I have been trying to speak with the government, but nobody is really trying to listen to me or speak with me on this issue. We are trying to pacify and remove this banditry and they are responding.”

“To say you will not negotiate with them and also not take action against them, I cannot understand that.”

Should Nigerians continue to lose their precious lives to these bandits as the government seems not to have a solid clue as to ending or preventing the kidnappings and killings across the country? The live of an average Nigerian is no longer safe, particularly in the northern region of the country.

The controversial Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, has continued to give useful information to the public, but he is not happy that the government is not cooperating with him as he can’t do the job alone. Despite many criticisms he has been receiving from far and hide, even from his own tribe and religion, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has proven to understand the bandits and bandistry better than the government since he understands their language.

This, therefore, means that it will be wise for all and sundry to listen to him as it is the best option available at the moment. The government at all levels needs to support Sheikh Ahmad Gumi in order understand these bandits better with a view to identifying their interests, concerns as well as their locations so that the rising spate of attacks, violence, deaths, etc, can come to an end. This should be a short time strategy that can result in great success as with the supports of Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, more findings would be established on the bandits’ profile and their criminal activities.



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