Running is the fastest way to lose weight if you are trying to get fit by shedding some fats in your body. The benefits of running are so much that running has great impacts on the physical, mental and psychological health of man, can authoritatively tell you.
If you have tried to lose weight many times, but it is not yielding enough results, then you have to try running. Those who have been practising running exercise, but are yet to see any remarkable progress maybe doing it wrongly. Make it a regular exercise by running for at least 30 minutes daily or 3 times in a week. Please be sure to run at your own pace as you are not in competition with anybody. You may increase your speed as your body adapts to this exercise.
The Main Benefits of Running 
1. It makes you happy as you will derive inner peace and satisfaction.
2. It makes your heart function optimally. And this improves the adequate circulation of blood (rich in oxygen) in the human body.
3. It makes your skin glow and fresh as the skin is the largest organ of the human body. This makes you attractive to everybody.
4. It helps fight diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety disorder, etc.
5. It makes you look younger, smarter and enhances your overall wellbeing.
6. It increases your lifespan and fight many diseases associated with old age.
7. It helps you fight cold and prevent difficulty in breathing.
8. It makes all your organs function well and aids your physical strength.
9. It fights arthritis, joint pains, unusual tiredness, etc.
10. It makes you stay fit by burning calories for weight loss.
There you have it. Try it and give us your feedback in the comments section or share your experience with others.


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